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Virtual Christmas Corporate Party
for Remote Teams
Top Activities
Оnline Travel
Real-time travel is a cool format to energize your team as;
● You'll be immersed in the resplendent Christmas atmosphere of Tokyo, Singapore, or New York;
● Your team members can interact with each other, as well as a tour guide via chat;
● You have the opportunity to make a wish under the Christmas tree;
● Each participant will be able to vote on favourite activities, thus influencing the tour;
● You'll also be able to partake in numerous quizzes towin gifts and prizes.

Game platform: Zoom or Wind4Tune Platform

🕒 60 min
👪 up to 10,000 people
Christmas Murder Mystery Game
When the whole town is decorating Christmas trees and houses, a hat and an empty red bag are found in the woods near the toy factory. Will Christmas be without the long-awaited presents?

Not only the guests of Lapland are under suspicion, but also the entire Claus family.
The teams are tasked with solving the problem by examining clues, formulating strategies, and finding suspects to unravel the crime.

Game platform: Zoom or Wind4Tune Platform

🕒 60 min
👪 up to 500 people
Christmas Quiz
A virtual holiday quiz will fill a party with fun and excitement.

The game includes 3 rounds:
  • Around the World - Team members will have to go around the world and guess the most unusual traditions in the countries of the world.
  • Movie - the teams will have to remember the most popular Christmas movies to answer all the questions correctly.
  • Guess The Name of The Popular Songs Using Emojis

Game platform: Zoom or Wind4Tune Platform

🕒 60 min
👪 up to 500 people
Mafia Online
Find out who is hiding under the mask of Santa Claus!

On New Year's Eve, the streets are always deserted. All civilians are aware that the Santa Claus Mafia will give presents to those who like it, and will 'kill' those who disobey! So, most people do not like to miss the event.

Save the city from the Christmas mayhem, uncover the mafia and its henchmen.
  • Each player gets their own role with a detailed description on the map.
  • You have to play either for the civilians or for the insidious mafia. The main thing is not to reveal the cards and work out the right strategy because the victory of good or evil depends on you!
  • Expose others and don't let yourself be exposed.

Game platform: Zoom or Wind4Tune Platform

🕒 90 min
👪 for teams of 10-15 members
Greeting Virtual Santa
All children, and adults too, want to be congratulated on the New Year by Santa Claus in person. Even in Covid-19, this is possible!
Santa Claus will not only bring New Year atmosphere to you and your team but also will count how many good and bad deeds everyone has done and praise for specific achievements this year!

Game platform: Zoom or Wind4Tune Platform

🕒 20 min
👪 unlimited
We Help HR
We love helping companies improve their key business metrics by implementing our memorable and exciting team building practices!

Team Building –> Engaged Employees –> Profits
✊ Increasing productivity, employee happiness and level of engagement
Team Building Boosts Productivity. Proper team building results in increased unity among individuals and departments, ultimately increasing collaboration and productivity.

Team Building Increases Employee Happiness. A study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that keeping your sales team happy can increase sales by as much as 37%!

Team Building Boosts Engagement. Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average 3-year revenue growth x2.3 times greater than companies whose employees were only engaged at an average level.
👋 Developing company culture and increasing Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
Arranging a time for specific team-building activities can improve internal communication and encourage employees to work together. This can be particularly important if your employees or managers previously worked at companies which encouraged competition rather than collaboration. Team building is one of the best tools to help empower your company and boost your culture. High employee engagement contributes to the growth of eNPS. A strong eNPS score means employees are more likely to positively recommend their employer as a happy place to work.
💪 Strengthening Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Team building is one of the components of EVP which is associated with factors that constitute a positive working environment. By strengthening EVP as a result of implementing team-building activities, you can decrease your annual employee turnover by almost 70% and increase new hire commitment by nearly 30%.

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Virtual team building,
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Options from $20 per person and we have pricing for large groups, packages and nonprofit grants.
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