from $990
30-60 minutes
up to 500 participants
Put your team's brains together for the virtual trivia game. It is a fun and effective way to spend time with your team.
Witty questions supported by photo
and video content
Increase the productivity and involvement of your employees
Boost your team's morale and help them get to know each other better

from $990
60-75 minutes
up to 500 participants
Sharpens communication
skills and deductive reasoning
Stimulates team creativity
Develops swift decision-making
in high-pressure scenarios
Murder Mystery Game is
a great way to get your head around a crime plot and bring the team together
How it works
Participation is simple, just join
a Zoom call via an app or your browser using a laptop, tablet or phone.
The group is split up into teams of 6-12 (except for the Ice Breaker Quiz). Our dedicated host will guide the team through 3 different rounds.
Each team will record their answers on a digital answer sheet . Points are tallied in between each of the rounds with the final round producing the winning team!
Choose a Game
Everyone has dreamt about transporting back to their favourite moment in time. If you're an '80s or '90s kid, this one’s especially suited for you!
A nostalgic trip to test your knowledge of your favourite period of time. Think you’ve got your facts covered? Time to prove it!
Time Machine Quiz
Ice Breaker Quiz
Whether you're looking to welcome new employees or just keep your current remote team members connected, this icebreaker quiz is a great way to help your colleagues learn more about each other; in a way that feels natural, light-hearted, and low-pressure.
Christmas Quiz

A virtual holiday quiz will fill a party with fun and excitement.

The game includes 3 rounds:

  • Around the World
  • Movie
  • Guess the name of the popular song by its emoji interpretation.
"It was a very interesting experience and a great opportunity for our Team consisting of 24 countries to hold corporate events. Curious, unusual and very relevant to the motivation and inspiration of the team)"
Internal Communications Manager
Digital Learning Manager

"We loved the experience: the format, dynamics, professional attitude, everything was great!
Some of us joined with kids (known to be the strictest audience), who also enjoyed the event a lot."
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