✨ Increase your health and fitness at home
❤️ Loved by anyone who keeps fit or
🔥 Improves the physical condition of your team
🤸 Online classes with certified instructors
"It was very interesting, fun and educational at the same time! This format allows you to plunge into the atmosphere)"
Ilia Guskov
Virtual Fitness and Yoga classes
2. Virtual Fitness and Yoga classes 🔥
❤️ loved by anyone who keeps fit

We offer 100% virtual fitness and yoga classes for remote workers. The classes include a variety of techniques for strengthening your heart, mind and body and are specifically designed for people that work from home.

Classes are held on a private and secure video conference platform, and up to 30 members of your team can attend. We schedule each class for 45 minutes at your preferred time, and are happy to accommodate international time-zones.

🕒 45 min
👪 2 - 30+ people
📍 Location: Virtual
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We cover the whole range of tasks to keep your employees healthy and energetic!
Dance Party/Zumba
Our instructors
Maria Khomenko
Group fitness instructor
Stretching, functional training, dance classes, TRX, step aerobics, pilates

I've been working as a coach since 2015. And I can say that to be instructor is the meaning of my life. Regular exercises help me and my clients not just cheer up but also to keep fit and be health.

I guarantee a good mood and well-being for you !
Anastasia Demkina
Yoga Instructor
"Happy Back" class

Every day our back has to go through tremendous impact. It has a detrimental effect on the spine and spinal injuries cause a lot of problems that worsen our total well-being.

The system of exercises "Happy Back" is aimed at correcting posture and strengthening the back muscles, as well as their relaxation. These exercises will also help you to get rid of all these problems or prevent them from occurring, which will significantly improve your quality of life in general.

Anastasia Lyubavina
Zumba Fitness
Zumba is an exercise fitness program that involves dance and aerobics. A contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms.
Just one Zumba Fitness workout is enough to fall in love with it ❤️⠀
Easy. Effectively. Unforgettably.⠀
Zumba fitness is like a party, but it's also a highly effective workout.
We write and discuss
"TravelTech for HR. How to increase the level of productivity and engagement for your team without leaving the workplace.
One of the new HR- trends is online-team-building. Virtual tour in real-time with your team and a private guide. Wind4Tune is the first Russian start-up, which is actively developing this trend for corporate clients."
"В travel-индустрии появляется возможность в моменте оказаться в любой точке мира и в реальном времени окунуться в атмосферу небоскребов Нью-Йорка или обойти фантастические сады Сингапура."
Loved by companies of all types and sizes
We work with more than 10 global companies from 130 countries
That's what they say about us ✨
Virtual team building,
customized for your
Options from $5 per person and we have pricing for large groups, packages and nonprofit grants.
Ready to bring your team closer together?

"Above all, we are happy to highlight your professionalism and ability to solve all the questions right away."
Victoria Zhukova
You can also write to us by email support@wind4tune.com
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