Сlose the gaps between cultures and diminish the distance separating your employees with the help of our team building activities

Build a better culture through diversity and inclusion with Wind4Tune

Why it’s important to break boundaries
and improve diversity
Companies with more diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability
Inclusive companies
are 1.7 times more likely
to be innovation leaders
Inclusive teams make better business decisions twice
as fast
Diversity builds a positive organizational culture
  • Connect with your staff outside your traditional work environment to develop closer bond.
  • Visit different company branches and discover cultural differences
  • Will see which cultural characteristics has your product in another country
Online Travel
Team's Games
  • Fun and effective way to spend time with your team;
  • We can prepare quizzes about your company's culture and facts;
  • Due to team games employee can get to know each other better
How Wind4Tune can help you with diversity
and close the gap between cultures
meet us and get a personalized offer
Our individual approach
    Study company’s history,
    features and set up goals for the event
    Packaging the event with
    the implementation of the "DNA"
    of the client
  • HOLD

    Hold a perfect event
    and create a WOW effect
How we did it
for Coca Cola HBC
Wind4Tune held an event for around 6 000 employees from 28 different countries by preparing 2 online tours in different parts of the world (US and Japan) where the same products of the same company differ a lot due to cultural diversity.
Reliable and trusted by 200+
international companies
Reliable and trusted by 200+ international companies