Financial District of NYC
Up to 5 000 participants
60 min
1 Wall Street
Wall Street, the international capital of finance. Why is it called this way, and where did the first inauguration take place? About this and not only - at the home where the foundations of American statehood were laid.

2 Trinity Church
Neogothic among skyscrapers and its cemetery. How much does America's richest temple earn, what did Alexander Hamilton do for the country, and how did he die?

3 Bull statue
Why keep it and how did it get here? The most famous landmark of the Financial District managed to repel the attack of a rival - the Fearless Girl, who "lives" near the Exchange now.

4 Archaeological site
Through the windows of Goldman Sachs Bank, you can look back in time. Hear what New York used to be called and what the Dutch did here.

5 Federal Reserve Bank
Standing above its gold storage, the guide will explain the bank's functions and the capture of Zuccotti Park 10 years ago.

6 World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial
Here we will talk about 9/11 and the construction of the new building...
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