Coca-Cola HBC's digital LearnFest:

How Wind4Tune held an online event for employees from 28 countries

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For the second year in a row, Coca-Cola HBC held an online LearnFest event for all Coca-Cola employees (The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola HBC). This year, under the slogan 'Future ME', 6,000 employees from 28 countries participated in the festival. Included was two weeks of intensive training, more than 40 speakers, events, and Wind4Tune even had an important role of hosting the final event! This project was not an easy one, so in this article, we shared the details of the event from the original idea all the way to implementation, along with feedback from participants and a direct customer ;)

Step 1: Define important factors and the format of the event
Wind4Tune has a wide range of online activities, including online travel, murder mystery game, online quizzes, mafia online, and other cool tools. Considering that the employees were to receive two weeks of intensive training, we understood that not every format would be relevant in the finals. Before choosing a format, we outlined a number of points that needed to be taken into account for the project:

  • Create a WOW effect and support the concept of the festival "We Learn, UnLearn, ReLearn!". The goal is to make the final of the festival memorable, while still maintaining the concept of the event;
  • Integrate gamification elements and prizes with the goal to increase engagement;
  • Provide an opportunity to communicate with colleagues with the goal to create a common positive emotional thread;
  • Provide an opportunity during the event to connect/disconnect participants without changing the overall process with the goal to create the possibility of free participation while maintaining an overall positive background;
  • Provide the possibility of simultaneous participation of several thousand participants from 28 countries with the goal to unite teams from different countries together.

After analyzing the above points, we came to the general conclusion that the ideal format for this project was "online travel" because this activity considered all the above requirements!

"Wind4Tune's online travel is real-time travel:
  • Your team members can interact with each other, as well as a tour guide via chat;
  • Each participant will be able to vote on favourite activities, thus influencing the tour;
  • You'll also be able to partake in numerous quizzes to win gifts and prizes (postcards).
  • The journeys are also supplemented with photo and video content.
Duration: 60 to 70 minutes.
Number of participants: up to 10,000 people
Step 2: Client analysis
Before we started packaging the event, we studied:
  • LearnFest's event philosophy;
  • Features of Coca-Cola's product line and marketing activities in three countries (Singapore, Japan, USA);
  • The history and culture of Coca-Cola in three countries (Singapore, Japan, USA).

As a result, we gathered a base of information about the companies’ features, differences in the product line and marketing projects

For example, two cool social actions:
  • The first action: Singaporeans are generally reserved people, so they tend not to hug in public, but the younger generation is different. Coca-Cola acted as an innocuous ally to the youth by launching the "Hug me" advertising campaign, placing a machine with the drink in the National University of Singapore. Participants received a free can of Coca-Cola when they hugged the machine.
  • The second Action. Singapore has an equatorial climate, and therefore no snow in winter. Coca-Cola decided to connect snowy Finland to tropical Singapore with a unique communication device. The digital device allowed people from these two very different countries to communicate by exchanging snow and Coca-Cola cans.
Step 3: Packaging the event with the implementation of the "DNA" of the client
After deciding on the format, a list of important points and the knowledge base, we were ready to start packaging the event.

Scenarios are always written in Google Docs and we usually create project chats in Facebook Messenger so we can be in constant fast communication with our client.

Let's run through the above items, revealing the details of how we took them into account while writing the scenario:
Create a WOW effect and support the concept of the festival "We Learn, UnLearn, ReLearn!":
  • Two 30-minute trips were added to the scenario, starting in Tokyo and ending in New York. It is not every day we get a chance to visit two opposite sides of the world in one hour!
  • The route was built around places important to the company, such as Asa Griggs Candler's first office in New York, and billboards advertising Coca Cola;

  • Prepared a meeting with colleagues during the trip. For example, in Tokyo an employee greeted colleagues, talked about the company's participation in the "Olympics 2020" and the concept of environmental direction, as part of a local project named ILOHAS;

  • Added facts and the unique differences of the company in these locations to the scenario.
Integrate  gamification elements and prizes:
  • Added voting elements to the journey so that participants could influence the process of the journey;
  • Integrated quizzes for participants related to Coca-Cola's unique marketing activities in the location.
Provide an opportunity to communicate with colleagues:
  • During the journey, participants could communicate with peers, share emotions and interact with the guide, with the assistance of a moderator, via chat.
Provide the ability to connect/disconnect participants during the event without changing the overall process:
  • As previously mentioned, Wind4Tune has a lot of activities, but almost all of them are sensitive to disconnecting/connecting new participants in the process, but in the case of travel, this item is as neutral as possible;
Provide the opportunity for several thousand participants from 28 countries to participate simultaneously with the goal being  to bring together teams from different countries:
  • We have conducted trips for teams of different sizes, ranging from 6 to 10,000 participants, so there was no difficulty on the technical side for us;
  • Also, for participants who do not know the main language of the event (English), we can have simultaneous interpreters, broadcasting parallel audio tracks. However, in the context of the current event, this functionality was not required.
Step 4: Event Implementation
The event went off without a hitch! We achieved the “WOW” effect, kept us involved until the very end, and organically integrated into the overall concept of the LearnFest 2021 festival, as evidenced by the feedback from the participants:
In the end, we would like to note that by plunging into implementing the final event project for LearnFest 2021, Wind4Tune team not only enjoyed the process but also discovered Coca-Cola HBC in a new way. This is a company that cares about its employees, the environment, and supports social causes, which is all pretty cool if you ask us!
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