Once in London
Up to 500 participants
60 min
The streets of London are bustling with life. A seemingly ordinary weekday, but one incident was able to disrupt everything.
On the outskirts of the city, in a not-so-good neighborhood, police officers gather. An unknown person ran over a man and fled the scene.
How does the mystery games work?
Participation is simple, just join a Zoom call via an app or your browser using a laptop, tablet or phone.

The group is split up into teams of 6-12. During the game, the team has to solve various ciphers and puzzles to advance and receive more evidence

After putting the pieces together, each team will will share who, in their opinion, committed the crime.
You have only 60 minutes in total to solve the crime.
Required from participants:
A sheet of A4 paper
and a marker
Computer with
Internet connection
Good mood:)
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