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1 Sumida river banks, Asahi beer museum and Skytree tower views
Our virtual trip to Tokyo begins in the Eastern part of Tokyo downtown, known as the Asakusa district. Historically it was the center of a so-called «lower city», a part of the capital right outside the walls of Edo castle and an entertainment district. We walk across the Sumida river, which runs through the Central areas of Tokyo, and have a look at the Asahi beer Museum and the tallest tower in the world - Tokyo Skytree.

2 Thunder gate with gods-protectors Fujin and Raijin
At the entrance to the most famous temple gates in the world with a huge paper lantern we meet the protectors and symbols of Tokyo, the deities of Thunder and Wind: Raijin and Fujin.
3 Nakamise shopping street
We stroll along the busy shopping street of Nakamise with piles of souvenirs and food booths.

4 The temple complex of Sensoji
The road brings us to the main buildings of Sensoji temple, which receives about 30 million visitors a year; there are plenty of things to do on the temple grounds: charm shopping, fortune-telling, praying, or contemplating in a small Japanese garden.

5 Asakusa Broadway, Hoppy and Tanuki street stroll
After we leave the temple, we walk through the nearby area with street food and traditional Japanese shops, which is represented as a mix of Middle Ages and Tokyo's 60-s, where visitors can experience the Japan of the past.
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