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Virtual Thanksgiving Party
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Online Travel

Real-time travel is a cool format to energize your team as:

● You'll be immersed in the atmosphere of Tokyo, Singapore, or New York;
● Your team members can interact with each other, as well as a tour guide via chat;
● Each participant will be able to vote on favourite activities, thus influencing the tour;

● You'll also be able to partake in numerous quizzes towin gifts and prizes.

Thanksgiving Mystery Game

Chef and restaurant owner Gordon Brine was world-renowned for his gourmet turkey dinners.

He also was known as a tyrant boss and stubborn business partner, his recipe for cooking turkey remained a secret for years.

Last night Brine's restaurant should have been overflowing with hungry families waiting for a chance to try his famous main course, the holiday turkey. But it was not meant to happen ....

In the midst of the feast, the sad news was unexpectedly reported: Brine's famous dish had been stolen, and on the chef's table there was a mystery note.....

A professional host and other participants will be waiting for you in the virtual room.
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