✨ Escape room is an effective and invigorating team building exercise.
✨Develops teamwork by solving riddles and clues.
✨ Boosts positive emotions.
✨ Increases team productivity.

virtual escape room

Our virtual escape room game is a fun and effective way to spend time with your team
Space Escape. Mission: Mars
You have made an emergency landing on the planet Mars.
The ship is damaged and urgently requires repair. Radiation is increasing rapidly.
You must restore the operation of all systems and restart the ship in orbit before the oxygen supply level drops to zero.
How it works
How it works
Easy connection
Game platform - Zoom.
Participation is simple; just connect via your laptop, tablet or mobile device.
A professional host and other participants will be waiting for you in the virtual room. They can't wait to help you solve the crime.
Gameplay 🔎
Participants are divided into teams and given an introduction to the upcoming adventure.
The purpose of these experiences is solve riddles and complete puzzles in a fixed amount of time
After dealing with all puzzles, the team need to find the main code to "escape space"
We Help HR
We love helping companies improve their key business metrics by implementing our memorable and exciting team-building practices!

Team Building –> Engaged Employees –> Profits
✊ Increasing productivity, employee happiness and level of engagement
Team Building Boosts Productivity. Proper team building results in increased unity among individuals and departments, ultimately increasing collaboration and productivity.

Team Building Increases Employee Happiness. A study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that keeping your sales team happy can increase sales by as much as 37%!

Team Building Boosts Engagement. Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average 3-year revenue growth x2.3 times greater than companies whose employees were only engaged at an average level.
👋 Developing company culture and increasing Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
Arranging a time for specific team-building activities can improve internal communication and encourage employees to work together. This can be particularly important if your employees or managers previously worked at companies which encouraged competition rather than collaboration. Team building is one of the best tools to help empower your company and boost your culture. High employee engagement contributes to the growth of eNPS. A strong eNPS score means employees are more likely to positively recommend their employer as a happy place to work.
💪 Strengthening Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Team building is one of the components of EVP which is associated with factors that constitute a positive working environment. By strengthening EVP as a result of implementing team-building activities, you can decrease your annual employee turnover by almost 70% and increase new hire commitment by nearly 30%.

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One of the new HR- trends is online-team-building. Virtual tour in real-time with your team and a private guide. Wind4Tune is the first Russian start-up, which is actively developing this trend for corporate clients."
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