1. Donner is one of Santa’s eight little reindeer. Donner always complains about the difficulty of flying a Christmas sleigh. He’s got this pressure on his neck all the time, and his leg is tired.
  2. Max Blizzard: Chief Operating Officer of Santa’s Workshop. With Max, it can be difficult to work, and there are many rumors that some elves from the workshop are looking for work elsewhere due to dire working conditions - even outside the North Pole.
  3. Ernest Candy is the pastry chef at the North Pole. During the holidays, Ernest is always stressed out waiting for Santa's huge order for candy and tasty treats. Despite tight deadlines, he spends countless hours creating delicious treatments for the big delivery on Christmas Eve.  
  4. Grinch is a legendary winter figure who, over a hundred years ago, made a truce with Santa Claus so as not to ruin Christmas. In exchange, Santa Claus allowed the Grinch to open a business at the North Pole. Since the Grinch has always loved dogs, he serves all the animals in the area and supplies treats for Santa's reindeer during the holiday season. When the Grinch enters a room, the temperature drops to almost zero, so many people cannot stay close to him without wearing winter coats.
  5. Jolly Bell is one of the most shy and closed elves in Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. This elf has no friends at all, so no one notices him. Jolly follows the rules and never complains about poor working conditions.
  6. Happy Bro is the insolent and cheeky owner of “Happy Christmas trees“ tent. Failing to live up to the expectations associated with his name, Happy is constantly annoyed and grumpy. Happy is always bombarding the town with negativity and filing formal complaints online against local businesses. If a business on the North Pole gets a negative review on the Internet, the author was probably Happy Bro.
  7. Snow Willy: Once a famous icon of the holiday; some suspect it is bitter that Santa Claus stole his former glory.
  8. Lydia Сlaus: Mrs Сlaus is Santa’s wife and second mate; she is one of the most beloved persons of the North Pole
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