Top 10 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

for Corporate Party in 2021

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Moving on to “Top 10 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Corporate Party in 2021”

1. Christmas Travel

Neither Grinch nor COVID-19 has the power to steal the Christmas spirit this year. You can set on an online trip together with your team. You can wonder at the Christmas decorations of Amsterdam, Tokyo, or New York and even make a Christmas wish and get presents.

Number of participants: unlimited, however, to maintain the highest level of engagement, we recommend it for teams with a size of up to 300 members.

Learn more: online travel for remote teams

2. Cocktail party and Mixology show

How about having a couple of drinks and celebrating the end of the year results with your team? A professional mixologist can not only show cool tricks but can also host a cocktail workshop.

To maintain active participation, a customized kit (with all the ingredients and tools for your awesome cocktails) can be delivered to each participant’s home.

Number of participants: recommended for teams with a size of up to 30 members.

3. Virtual Christmas Cooking

Cooking experience for making Christmas treats. To boost active participation a customized kit will be delivered to each participant’s home with all the necessary ingredients and tools to prepare traditional Christmas dishes together.

Number of participants: recommended for teams with a size of up to 30 members, to maintain a high level of engagement.

4. Virtual Secret Santa

Whether you celebrate virtually or not, no Christmas party is complete without a Secret Santa.

Before the event, an online host will pick a person for each participant to prepare a gift for. After, the gift will be packed, signed by a Secret Santa, and delivered to the recipient as a surprise gift on the day of the party. During the event, everyone will have a chance to guess who was their Secret Santa.

Number of participants: unlimited

5. Christmas QuizTeam

A virtual Christmas quiz will fill the party with fun and excitement.

Some of the cool options are:
  • Christmas IceBreaker Quiz: “When he was seven, Santa gave him suspenders. Who are we talking about?”
  • Christmas My Own Game about customs, and traditions of different countries. “How do people call Santa in Finland?”

Number of participants: recommended fi teams with the size up to 300 members with further division into smaller groups (6–8 members per group)

Lear more: online quizzes for remote teams

6. Christmas fancy dress party

Everyone dressed up as a rabbit, wolf or fox for a Christmas celebration as a child.
Christmas party is a great occasion for the team’s fancy dress party!

There is also an option to organize costume delivery and become a team of Marvel or DC superheroes for one night.

Number of participants: unlimited

7. Dance party

Dance like there’s nobody watching! A professional DJ, great music, New Year’s atmosphere, and a glass of champagne will lift your spirit!

Number of participants: to maintain a high level of engagement, recommended to teams with the size up to 30 members

8. Christmas Photo Booth

Trying to cram your whole team into a photo booth at an office party will not end well. By contrast, a remote team’s shot is way easier to manage.

During your virtual holiday party, you can fit all of the team on your screen, then use a screenshot or a similar feature to take a picture.

Suggestions for holiday photo props:
  • Santa hats
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Red and green boas or garland
  • Colored lights
  • Angel wings
  • Presents
  • Hats, mittens, and scarves
Once you get your shot, you can turn the photo into a virtual card and send it to all of your teammates as a souvenir from your virtual celebration.

Number of participants: unlimited

9. Virtual Casino

Virtual Blackjack and Poker! Dress up and remotely play and interact with the teammates and a live dealer. Customized Christmas graphics will add a more personal touch to your Virtual Casino Party.

Let’s roll the dice and get this party started!

Number of participants: to maintain a high level of engagement, recommended to the teams with the size of up to 10 members.

10. Holiday Decorating

To fill your employees with Christmas spirit, organize a home decoration workshop via a streaming platform. So everyone could make colorful Christmas decorations for their homes.

To boost active participation you can arrange a customized kit with all the necessities( like paints, glitter, and festive stickers) for all the participants.

Number of participants: to maintain a high level of engagement, recommended to teams with the size of up to 30 members.
Of course, these are not all the possible activities for an online Christmas Party, however, we do hope we managed to spark your creativity, as an online format opens up new interesting possibilities for everyone.

Plan a virtual holiday party and make sure your remote employees do not get left out of the fun!

As promised, we are happy to share the backgrounds from our online trips, here is a link. Hope they will make your online meetings brighter!